Spirited Discussions is OULD's flagship weekly social event. Mixing a non-intimidating environment with engaging and often passionate discussion of contemporary and general political, social and moral issues, we critique policy and ideas from all different angles from liberalism, as well as having other parties join us to give their perspectives. What's more, we provide drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and snacks all night, costing nothing more than the £4 cost of entry.

Oxford tends to have elections every year as its city council is elected in parts rather than as a whole. Add in the European Elections and Parliamentary elections, it means OULD is campaigning practically all year round.

Whether you have no campaigning experience, or are seasoned at knocking on doors, get in touch with us and we'll tell you all you need to know. It can be delivering, doorknocking, and even phone canvassing - and it's all done with friendly people, and is great fun.

We tend to host at least one social event per week during term time, to which everyone is welcome, no matter their party. These socials can cover anything from a simple society meet-up in one of Oxford's famous ice cream shops, or a boozey Crewdate with other political societies (the 'Coalition Crewdate' is certainly a sight to behold!). We also hold a termly event with our counterparts in Cambridge, alternating between who visits whose city.

Each President is tasked with attracting prominent liberal speakers to the society every term. You can see who these are on our Termcard.

In the past we've had visits from former leaders Tim Farron MP, Lord Ashdown, and Sir Nick Clegg, as well as Tessa Munt, Martin Horwood, and other former MPs.

We recently created the appointed role of 'Charity Officer', whose job it is to organise the club's charitable activities throughout term. Typically this has involved making sandwiches for the homelessness charity, The Gatehouse, every other week and running a Spirited Discussions later in term where all proceeds go to charity. Past charities have included Shelter, Mind, and the Teenage Cancer Trust.


The easiest ways to stay up to date with our activities is to sign up to our emails here and to like us on Facebook, where we put up everything as an Event well in advance!

Check out our termcard too for an overview of the term's events.