Trinity Term Week 7 Committee Meeting

Minutes of the committee meeting on Monday 7th Week, Trinity Term 2019.

OULD Committee Meeting Agenda TT 2019

7th Week – 9 June 2019

Present: President (E. Peckston), President-elect (O. Besley), Secretary (L. Evans), Campaigns Officer (B. Phillips), General Committee (O. Harriman), Social Secretary (J. Hayat) enters 6:10

Apologies: Treasurer (S. Ganesh), Spirits Officer (B. Harris), Communications Officer (H. Kidner), General Committee (J. Scragg, L. Tillmann-Morris, R. Kaya)

Opens: 6:00pm

Closes: 6:21pm

President (Edd Peckston)

  1. Constitutional amendments discussion
    The President-elect and O. Harriman state they plan to bring their constitutional business up at the TGM, O. Harriman gives a brief overview of his idea that OULD take a more active role in assisting liberal societies at other universities, the President defers to the President-elect on the workability of this
    The President has some thoughts on a TGM amendment that will make OULD charity work count as campaigning does for the purposes of running for committee and on updating the Disciplinary Committee process
    The President had yet to hear from Brasenose College regarding a room for the TGM so request that the President-elect look into a room at Jesus College
  2. Committee/termly dinner
    The President asks for people’s thought on a committee dinner in 8th week at a casual place and at the President-elect’s suggestion choses Cosmo as the venue

President-elect (Olly Besley)

No formal business

Treasurer (Shreyus Ganesh)

No formal business

Secretary (Lauren Evans)

  1. Weekly email check

Spirits Officer (Ben Harris)

  1. SDs Delivery
    The President reports from the Spirits Officer that he has sorted out the weekly SDs delivery issue and reminds everyone to vote in the charity poll for our 7th week donations

Campaigns Officer (Ben Phillips)

No formal business

Communications Officer (Hannah Kidner)

No formal business

Social Secretary (Joseph Hayat)

No formal business

General Committee

  1. O. Harriman: Stash
    O. Harriman has handed over stash business to the Campaigns Officer and clarifies that people will be paying for their stash after OULD places the order and reports that it should be ready to move on Monday

Other Business


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