Trinity Term Week 5 Committee Meeting

Minutes of the committee meeting on Sunday 5th Week, Trinity Term 2019.

OULD Committee Meeting Agenda TT 2019

5th Week – 26 May 2019

Present: President (E. Peckston), President-elect (O. Besley), Secretary (L. Evans), Social Secretary (J. Hayat), General Committee (R. Kaya, J. Scragg), Retuning Officer (S. Xu), Campaigns Officer (B. Philips) entered at 5.10

Apologies: Treasurer (S. Ganesh), Spirits Officer (B. Harris), Communications Officer (H. Kidner), General Committee (L. Tillmann-Morris)

Absent: General Committee (O. Harriman)

Opens: 5.03pm

Closes: 5.22pm

Action points are in bold

President (Edd Peckston)

  1. Overview for the next few weeks
    Social events: LiberTea tomorrow, Punting Sunday
    Speaker events: We will no longer be having Baroness Burt this term as Vince Cable is now on the termcard for the 6th of June, we will be co-hosting the event with the Oxford PPE Society with the aim of getting a wider audience for Vince, it will likely be around 5pm in Balliol, the President requests a big effort from everyone to invite people
    SDs as always on Wednesdays
  2. Roles during SDs
    The President delivers the message from the Spirits Officer to remind committee to shush people being loud at SDs and to refresh the drinks and snacks rather than stand at the back and chatter with friends
    That aside, SDs are going really well and we will make sure to have enough booze next time in light of unexpectedly high turnout, reminds everyone to be sure to send out at least 20 invites, preferably more
    To discuss 6th week Charity Spirited Discussions with the Spirits Officer
  3. TGM date
    Asks the RO if we should hold elections and TGM in 7th week, she recommends that we do, the President provisionally sets the Tuesday of 7th for elections and the Thursday of 7th for the TGM
    Action point for the Secretary to liaise with the RO and give two weeks’ notice of elections and TGM via email
  4. Thank yous
    Proposes a formal motion of thanks to the Campaigns officer which passes unanimously
    The President also thanks everyone who campaigned
    The President particularly thanks to Nick and Damayanti for their work organizing a really lovely Ashdown Club dinner
    The Campaigns officer thanks the President for his leadership heretofore

President-elect (Olly Besley)

No formal business

Treasurer (Shreyus Ganesh)

No formal business

Secretary (Lauren Evans)

  1. Weekly email check

Spirits Officer (Ben Harris)

  1. Thank yous
    “Thanks to everyone for making SDs at Catz better than my wildest dreams, especially Catz People for taking yuge Amazon deliveries.”
  2. Vote on the motions poll
    The Spirits Officer reminds all of committee to vote on the SDs motions poll so he can select the weekly motions

Campaigns Officer (Ben Phillips)

  1. Campaigning thank yous
    The Campaigns Officer reiterates the President’s thanks to everyone who helped with campaigning on the polling day group effort
    General Committee R. Kaya asks about future campaigning, the Campaigns Officer replies we might do more policy campaigning, perhaps in new policy areas if time permits or on cleaning up our current video material
    The President notes we need to work on results of the policy socials and putting together polices ahead of the party conference

Communications Officer (Hannah Kidner)

No formal business

Social Secretary (Joseph Hayat)

  1. Punting
    Asks about if any colleges offer free punts, the President suggests asking N. Brown for use of Magdalen punts, and the President states he can acquire a punt from Brasenose if required
    Campaigns Officer confirms for the Social Secretary that the campaigning event for the coming Sunday is cancelled, in part because we can’t legally spend more money and in part because there is currently nothing big on the electoral calendar on which to campaign

General Committee

No formal business

Other Business



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