Michaelmas Term Week 5 Committee Meeting

Minutes of the committee meeting on Sunday 5th Week, Michaelmas Term 2018.

OULD Committee Meeting Minutes

Michaelmas Term, 2018 5th Week

4th November, 2018

Present: Finn Conway (President), Damayanti Chatterjee (President-elect) (arrived late with apologies), Jake Olenick (Treasurer), Edd Peckston (Secretary), George Wright (Returning Officer), Patrick Chapman (Campaigns), Shreyus Ganesh (Comms), Hayden Searle (Social Sec), Abbie McGhee (General Committee), Lauren Evans (General Committee), Ben Harris (General Committee)

Apologies: Zahra Farzanekhoo (General Committee), Olly Besley (Spirits Officer)


Action points to take forward:

  • Edd Peckston to give notice of TGM by Thursday of 5th , to check the proctors’ standard constitution regarding membership fees.
  • Finn Conway to link to welfare officers
  • Hayden Searle to ask Kathryn Cross to sign up to our mailing list and create a guest list for crewdates.
  • Patrick Chapman to plug campaigning harder on virtual hub.
  • Lauren to make doodle poll for charity events

Meeting opens at 5:07pm

FC: I have no business, but I’ll talk about TGM. We’ll have the TGM and elections on the same day as usual.

Damayanti Chatterjee enters late with apologies

FC: So 7th Week is very busy, but Friday might be free?

EP: We can’t compete with Union elections

FC: We can do 6.30pm on Thursday plus a break? Start at 5pm for elections.

Edd to give notice of TGM by Thursday of 5th

SG: I can also make an event

FC: Other thing going on in 7th is alumni dinner. Uptake hasn’t been great so we may have to cancel. At the next TGM, I might have to appoint an alumni officer so we can diversify what we do and increase our sources of income.

EP: Would it be worth asking Paul Tyler to spread the news?

FC: No

PC: Will we lose money from cancelling?

FC: Currently we’ve paid a 10% deposit so £189. We’ve missed the required uptake by quite a margin. Hilda’s have fucked us. Hilda’s hate us. That’s that. Shame.

DC: So Alumni Dinner will likely happen next term – too short notice for next term.

FC: We can postpone into Trinity to give enough notice. Before that the Alumni Officer can organise  more low key events building up to a dinner. Maybe in London.

EP: Make sure we’re sending out a regular newsletter as well.

FC: Yes – I’ll make it part of the Alumni Officer role.

JO: So that puts us back a year and a term since we were meant to have the dinner?

FC: People understand we are still students. I’m still finding people who are alumni.

EP: We have people who are alumni who don’t consider themselves as such.

FC: We’ll move onto Damayanti.

DC: I’m covering for Olly in his absence. This is just to ratify his proposals for Charity SDs. Olly proposed to raise price to £5, with our expenditure at £3.50 per attendee, and have the extra £1 going to charity, plus whichever is higher from: the profits from that week, or £2.50 per attendee

JO: So this doesn’t make sense - £2.50 will always be higher. The only reason not to do that would be if we were worried about a loss.

FC: So the proposal was that £2.50 per person would go to charity then?

HS: Was it because that there were other proposals to give money?

SG: So I’m not convinced about the idea of a raffle.

BH: The number of people we need to enter the raffle is a lot.

FC: The baseline that we will have to give to charity will be £5. So on that basis £1.50 per person to charity would make sense. How much can we afford to lose?

BH: How much would we end up giving?

FC: I gave everything in the money box

PC: There was a competition to donate last time. People do give more

BH: How dire is it

FC: It’s not Danny Dyer.

JO: The loss shouldn’t be that back seeing as we don’t have alumni dinner. The real money is £1700, less than we’ve had recently, but not as bad as it has been in distant terms. We don’t have the money for alumni dinner as it stands.

FC: We can defer other stuff until we’re more financially secure. So what action for Alumni Dinner?. £5 with £2 donated, so losing 50p?

PC: Good balance of moral and financial.

GW: I think it’s fair to say that we go half and half on what we make. So put £2.50 plus more if you feel like it.

SG: With a competition for donations on the door that’s fine.

FC: As long as people don’t donate 43p, yeah.

JO: I have a way of recording it.

DC: With £2.50, how much to we lose

JO: £1 per person

FC: So £60 as a whole, that’s fine.

SG: Profit so far?

FC: We lost a bit last week because we were competing with Halloween and jewbilation.

JO: We just broke even last week, £150-£120 in previous weeks. -£90 in 1st week. The only thing I’ve not accounted for is people paying for the crewdate.

FC: So £2.50 per person, given £5 entry?

Agreement from the room

FC: Jake’s business?

JO: I have a few things to say about OUCA crewdate. All points are relevant for the upcoming crewdate. Some people didn’t pay enough. We had a problem with people who balloted but didn’t get on the list, we’ve fixed that. Bit of a thing of people getting spots who aren’t members. But it’s easy to fix if people don’t have membership as we can offer them membership. We do have some people on the ballot this time who don’t have membership.

EP: Yes we do

JO: Easy enough to fix. Third thing I’ve got: we came close to not paying the right amount – we did underpay by one.

PC: They asked for cash?

JO: Yeah, that’s’ new?

FC: I don’t think so

GW: It’s not a new thing

HS: Ellie was also confused by it

Ben Harris leaves room

JO: Lots of people dropped out at last minute, we can’t do much about that – one person by just not paying or saying anything. We can do a FB post. That should get those who don’t check their emails that much. Little tricky. 2 more things: problem with email, now fixed. I’d like a guest list if possible. So it’s a bit complicated at the moment.

PC: Have a google sheet as a guest list?

JO: Yeah. List of things that went wrong – won’t go wrong again. I’ll have to chase people up on this time regarding screenshots, but that’s fine.

HS: We should make people actually tell you if you drop out, without actually encouraging people to drop out.

PC: We can phrase it as a last resort

EP: Would you like me to put a reminder in the weekly email?

Ben Harris re-enters room

JO: That would be helpful.

EP: Everyone on the crewdate apart from one is on the mailing list. Hayden, could to ask that person to join the mailing list?

Hayden Searle to ask Kathryn Cross to sign up to our mailing list.

JO: With future emails put in a reminder to send a screenshot.

FC: Blind copy people in in future please Edd, try and use Nation Builder as well.

JO: I cannot find how we get £1 party membership for students. I can only find the £6 option. I’ve paid for 2 people’s membership at £6. I should check whether we are comfortable doing £6?

FC: I’m trying to find the form exists, but it exists. The £1 option should exist, but we’re ok doing £6 a year membership. It’s one of our aims as a society. We will lose money, but that’s fine. I’ll find the email relating to it. Helps people who are on the fence.

GW: Given that we also require you to be a party member to get more involved

FC: People can afford £6 a year – so it’s not exclusionary.

SG: Is it £6 a year?

FC: In theory £1 for first 2 years, then £6 a year. We’ve previously paid for the first year.

PC: Tell people 6 months through what will happen with their membership?

EP: Seems unnecessarily complex

FC: We’ll have a decision tree; if it’s £1 we’ll pay it, if it’s £6 we’ll still pay it

JO: PayPal, new thing, it works, and we receive money. There are two problems: most of what we do is receive £1 membership, they charge us 3% plus 20p. This comes out to be potentially a bad deal. Not no deal. They have a discount for small payments, but that’s not for us. The other problem is that the two forms for membership collect different data. I assume that the website form automatically puts it into nation builder. Does that data go to Edd?

FC: No, it collects name, address, email, and postcode – I’ll add in custom fields for graduation year and college. That goes into nation builder database. So there’s a slight disconnect in data

JO: So Nation Builder is the mailing list and the membership list?

EP: So there’s a tag and membership level on nation builder.

FC: The tag isn’t important.

JO: So one problem is the fee, the other is the data discrepancy.

FC: Paypal best for online – easiest, automatically verified. The other way is too complex.

JO: In that sense the fee isn’t that much of our revenue, the membership is not a major part of our revenue.

SG: What kind of PayPal account do we have?

FC: We use a business account for PayPal.

SG: So just check our uptake

FC: We plug OULD membership in weekly emails. Nation builder shows us that it has facilitated people getting membership.

BH: Why don’t we offer free membership to the party?

FC: We offer it free upon joining OULD?

BH: I mean why don’t we have free OULD membership?

Edd to check the proctors’ standard constitution regarding this.

FC: Onto gender at SDs

JO: In 2nd week there 25.9% female, in 3rd 35.1%, 4th week 18.4%. It seems to me that well attended SDs are more diverse. There are also more newbies present.

SG: How many women come back?

JO: Hard to say. I don’t have a column for newbies. Last week was mostly regulars.

PC: Particularly bad last week.

BH: Is this a Lib Dem problem?

FC: Gender diversity is a big problem across YL and in university societies across the county.

EP: We have plans in place.

FO: Yeah – hopefully they will yield only positives. Attendance this week was suppressed by Halloween and jewbilation.

DC: Our problem is very much getting women through the door not women speaking.

LE: OULC seem to do better from their pictures?

FC: OULC have quotas, we don’t. In terms of their freshers’ events – there don’t seem to be so many women. It’s a problem across all political societies, but that doesn’t excuse our shortcomings.

FC: Move onto Olly’s business – we should put in the description of the event the links to the welfare officers. An anonymous contact form as well.

EP: Link in weekly email as well

Finn to link to welfare officers

PC: There was poor campaign attendance this week. Particularly compared to last year. Does anyone have any ideas what we should do?

FC: So this is a recurring problem. Last year we had the Local Elections which maybe made it better. This term we have three county council by-elections. Wantage – an hour away by bus. Wheatley – half-an-hour away by bus. And Wolvercote – which is 20 minutes away. It takes a long time to campaign.

PC: Compared to Cheltenham had 10 people attending by comparison.

HS: Announce in president’s announcements?

FC: I will announce it. It goes in the weekly email as well.

PC: Details went out very late yesterday – people want to know the logistics beforehand.

FC: Geography isn’t always a problem, we only had 4 people when we did leafletting in Holywell. We instituted campaign requirements to make people campaign.

DC: This term it feels that campaign events have gone up really late.

SG: Should I just put up everything on the termcard?

FC: No, draft everything now though – do campaigns a day or so before.

SG: Send out invites later after we put events? Our smaller invite list has had no effect on attendance.

EP: Make sure you plug on the virtual hub as well – it really helped last term.

PC to plug it harder on virtual hub.

FC: It would be annoying if no one makes campaigning requirements.

GW: At some point I just won’t give exemptions for people missing campaign requirements.

FC: There are only a few people who are actually top in terms of campaigning requirements. There is a fresher who always seems to be busy when I message her about campaigning.

EP: There are issues with timetabling for freshers

FC: Campaigning requirements don’t really affect the freshers.

GW: And only really senior officers as well.

FC: We will plug harder.

SG: Just one event for Junior Officers?

FC: Yeah. That covers campaign attendance.

PC: Make it clear that the party will cover travel. I’ll monitor the situation closely.

SG: Quick point – usual plug for invites! Also I’m not sure we should aim for 50, we’ll just get zucced again.

PC: Make an effort to invite women as well.

FC: Messaging people works as well.

BH: What’s our policy for public statements? Can we make one?

FC: As YL I told people to stop making public statements. We can do one as a student society with a student press. We retweeted stuff about Charlie Coverman. We don’t have a formal policy on this.

SG: Policy of a committee vote?

FC: In future when we issue statements – we will vote on it in committee. Regarding signing letters as well.

EP: I have the policy book here, there’s no formal policy on this. We could add something to it?

FC: In future we’ll vote as committee

Edd to add to policy book

SG: In a similar way send me articles and I can upload it.  

LE: Sandwich making – change  the date? Sandwich making is not on the termcard though.

FC: When do Gatehouse expect sandwiches?

LE: It’s very informal basis. I volunteer on a bi-weekly basis on Sunday and I just take some cool-bags and say when we’ll come.

FO: We’ll amend the termcard and do something. Can I leave you to do something on a Doodle Poll?

LE: Yeah, we’ll need a central kitchen

FC: We’ll assume that we can use mine

LE: I’ll do a doodle poll for times

SG: One-off poll?

PC: some people have varying schedules.

FC: So add it to 6th week and 8th week on the termcard. We’ll poll for times.

LE: Could people message me for kitchens?

SG: I can talk to you about Cohen.

Lauren to make doodle poll for charity events

FC: Anything else?

Meeting ends at 6:20pm




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