Hilary Term Week 5 Committee Meeting

Minutes of the committee meeting on Sunday 5th Week, Hilary Term 2019.

OULD Committee Meeting Minutes HT 2019 Week 5

Action points are in bold.

Meeting opened at 6.14pm and closed at 7.57pm.


Apologies: Social Secretary (Abbie McGhee), General Committee (Hannah Kidner)

The Spirits Officer (Zahra Farzanekhoo) joined at 6.27pm.

The President-elect (Edd Peckston) left at 6.58pm.

General Committee (Oliver Tushingham) left at 7.06pm.


President (Damayanti Chatterjee)

  1. Disciplinary committee

In Camera.

  1. General Committee Co-option.

Committee took a vote on co-opting a new member of General Committee after the resignation of Beth Chamberlain. This resulted in Ben Philips being co-opted as the fourth member of General Committee.

  1. Society finances

Noted that the society’s finances had significantly approve as a result of profits from Spirited Discussions.

The Treasurer confirmed this to be the case even in consideration of debts owed to society members.

The President noted that the financial benefits of improved alumni relations will most likely come to fruition in the coming Trinity term.

  1. Alumni relations

Announced that permission had been received from the late Lord Ashdown’s widow to name the Alumni Club: ‘The Ashdown Club’.

The President-elect announced that invite responses have been poor for Alumni drinks. The decision was taken to widen the scope of our invitees and include OULD friends.

President-elect to expand the invitees for OULD Alumni events.


  1. 8th Week Spirited Discussions Room

Requested if the Treasurer could try and book a room at Exeter College for 8th week Spirited Discussions.

Treasurer to attempt to book a room in the Exeter Cohen Quad for 8th week Spirited Discussions.


President-elect (Edd Peckston)

  1. Termly General Meeting

A decision was taken to schedule the Termly General Meeting and for Thursday of 7th week due to general availability of Committee. It was noted that the Secretary would need to inform members of the termly general meeting two weeks prior to this on Thursday of 5th week.

Secretary to give notice of the Termly General Meeting for Thursday of 7th week.

  1. Welfare Officers

The President noted that the BME Welfare officer was doing excellent work and had floated the possibility of a BME social.

The President noted that ideas of welfare officers to have relevant speakers had been fulfilled this term.

The Sprits Officer suggested her dislike of sectional socials and that they risk appearing patronising.

It was noted that the society has made considerable strides towards parity in representation and the atmosphere of events has gradually improved, albeit with progress still to be made.


Treasurer (Shreyus Ganesh)

No formal business.


Secretary (Olly Besley)

  1. Registration update

Secretary announced that registration pending on submission of accounts by Treasurer to Secretary. This was scheduled for mid-week during fifth week.

Treasurer to provide accounts to Secretary for Clubs Office by middle of fifth week.

  1. Membership merging

Secretary informed that the process of merging memberships on NationBuilder was ongoing but not a time priority.


Spirits Officer (Zahra Farzanekhoo)

Spirited Discussions (Attendance, Organisation and Finances)

The Spirits Officer identified the ongoing problem of a gender imbalance when speaking and noted that a female chair had not dramatically improved the situation.

There was a discussion on the issue of ‘shitposting’ and overly technical motions. It was noted that this could lead to a bias towards those able to engage in ‘confident bullshitting’ and ‘stand-up routines’.


Campaigns Officer (Ben Harris)

  1. Campaigns attendance

The Campaigns Officer noted poor attendance at events such as doorknocking, stickering and leaflets but good attendances at campaigning policy events

The Secretary suggested that the dual focuses of local party campaigning and policy campaigning pushing the limits of available time.

President suggested we should drop to one a week in terms of local party campaigning for the remainder of the term to general agreement. The President also pointed out that this should be conditional on a strong commitment to policy campaigning.

  1. Mental health campaign progress

The Campaigns Officer and the President agreed that policy campaigning on mental health and Northern Ireland should see a weekly time dedication.

Campaigns Officer to reduce local party campaigning on condition of maintaining weekly time to policy campaigning.

Communications Officer (Lauren Evans)

No formal business.

Social Secretary (Abbie McGhee)

No formal business.

General Committee

No formal business.

Other Business



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