Hilary Term Week 3 Committee Meeting

Minutes of the committee meeting on Sunday 3rd Week, Hilary Term 2019.

OULD Committee Meeting Minutes HT 2019 Week 3

Meeting opened at 6:07pm and closed at 6:53pm.

Apologies: Spirits Officer (Zahra Farzanekhoo), Social Secretary (Abbie McGhee), General Committee (Beth Chamberlain)

General Committee (Oliver Tushingham) joined at 6.21pm.


President (Damayanti Chatterjee)

  1. Three party debate

Reported on the issues of organising this. Outlines of plans on how this would be approached were discussed.

  1. Northern Ireland campaign

Updated on plans for making a video with students on this. There was also the potential to get an expert to give a talk on the issue.

  1. Policy social

Emphasised the view that normal socials were not necessarily ideal to do this and a separate committee discussion should be arranged.

The Campaigns Officer asked to bring forward the mental health policy discussion related to this. The Campaigns Officer and the President agreed that further investigations and contact with experts would be useful on mental health policy. The President suggested that a data base of information on the issue would be useful.

  1. Climate Change Society

Announced that on Tuesday of 4th week there is a Climate Change Society event which it would be useful to send an OULD representative for. The Treasurer volunteered as a potential candidate.


President-elect (Edd Peckston)

Alumni relations budget

Announced that to cancel thirty days before Alumni Dinner event we’d still pay 50% of costs of the event and Committee should be aware of the financial risk involved.

Requested an update from the Treasurer on finances. The Treasurer announced OULD held around £1,800 in liquidity.

The President-elect suggested OULD alumni will pay roughly £60 per ticket.


Treasurer (Shreyus Ganesh)

No formal business.


Secretary (Olly Besley)

Announced that we could co-host the Lord Adonis event on Saturday and request permission to share it through OULD.

Updated that access to the official Secretary email was hampered by technical delays but the Clubs Office has been contacted via other means.


Spirits Officer (Zahra Farzanekhoo)

No formal business.


Campaigns Officer (Ben Harris)

  1. Fixing phone banking

Reported complaints from the local party pizzas costs were too high compared with phone-calls made. Suggested switching to phone banking to Thursdays and making it fortnightly.

General Committee (Hannah Kidner) pointed out we need phones provided and receiving return calls from people to personal mobiles was unacceptable.

  1. Finalising mental health policy.

Covered during the President’s discussion on a Policy Social.

Communications Officer (Lauren Evans)

No formal business.

Social Secretary (Abbie McGhee)

No formal business.

General Committee

No formal business.

Other Business




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