Trinity Term Week 1 Committee Meeting

Minutes of the committee meeting on Monday 1st Week, Trinity Term 2019.

OULD Committee Meeting Agenda TT 2019 Week 1

Opens: 5:04

Closes: 5:47

Present: President, President-elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Spirits Officer, Campaigns Officer, Communications Officer, Social Secretary, General Committee (Omasan H., Leah T. M., Jamie S., Kaya R.)

President (Edd Peckston)

  1. Thank yous
    The President thanked Spirits Officer, Campaigns Officer, and Social Secretary for work done over the vac on SDs bookings and setting up the termcards, dealt especially well with Euro elections surprise
    Also gives a special thanks to the Communications officer for her work in the past week on the termcards
  2. Overview of what’s to come in the next few weeks
    Polling day is very important, and Abingdon needs manpower
    Our CULA crewdate coming up as it the start of our Euro campaigning
  3. Expectations of committee
    Everyone should be doing at least one shift on polling day, make sure to have Slack notifications turned on, make sure to look at it throughout SDs
  4. TIG society
    An Independent Group Society was formed in the middle of the vac and requested that we let them join the 3-party debate and the Forum said no, but we’re happy to debate them in future terms
    They indicated a desire to help us with our campaigning but so far no concrete plans have come of that
  5. Appointed officers
    Kaya R. as LGBT officer, Hannah K. as Charities officer, Chun H. H. as ethnic minorities, Sandra X. as RO, Finn C. as IT officer, Nick B. as alumni relations officer, Thomas L. as blog editor, and Abbie M. and women’s officer All pass unanimously

President-elect (Olly Besley)

No formal business

Treasurer (Shreyus Ganesh)

  1. Deciding a day for the bank move
    Friday morning as the day to move banks – Shreyus, Edd, Lauren, Olly, and Jake O. (extreasurer) all need to be present
    It’s a reasonably big move so welcomes anyone’s perspectives or questions on it

Secretary (Lauren Evans)

Weekly email check at the end

Spirits Officer (Ben Harris)

  1. SDs Motions
    Wants motions accessible to everyone that are easy to get involved with that can have depth
    The President notes the extinction rebellion one would be good as its topical and on the news
    President-elect questions if the one on Notre Dame will be too similar to the handbag one, the Treasurer likes the one on being scared of the Brexit Party
    Presidents asks the Spirits Officer to keep a pool of good motions from week to week
    Unanimously in favour of those two motions and the Spirits Officer will decide on the order
  2. SD behaviour
    Asks that everyone have their notifications on and be checking their phones
    Everyone confirms they can make it for this coming Wednesday
    We’ll be moving to Catz after 3rd week so he Campaigns Officer notes that doing shopping on Tuesday might be good while the Spirits Officer thinks a delivery might be better

Campaigns Officer (Ben Phillips)

  1. Polling Day attendance (¿rota?)
    There are three slots for morning, afternoon, and evening and wants a few committee members at each one with the bulk in the evening, meet at Neil’s (the candidate’s) house
    Communications Officer asks if we’re planning to hack students, the President states we are planning to do so for the Euros but it is not a focus for this local
  2. Policy Campaigning
    We want to reedit the videos and potentially make a new one or two about educational reform so if anyone wanting to get involved with it they should contact the Campaigns Officer and he will contact Layla’s office about it as well as she is the Lib Dem spokesperson for education

Communications Officer (Hannah Kidner)

  1. Room in the Brasenose annex for sandwich making
    Asks about the kitchen status, the President notes we had been using the Undercroft instead, the Communications officer notes we can maybe use Staircase 14 kitchen in St Catz, the Treasurer says Cohen is an option, but we’d have to avoid lunchtimes

Social Secretary (Joseph Hayat)

  1. Using FIXR for events as brought up by Shreyus
    The President likes this idea, it would help to prevent last-minute refunds, the Social Secretary and treasurer to organize that
    Social Secretary gives an update on the CULA crewdate, will have to find an alternate brunch to Brasenose
    Spirits Officer asks if we’re planning a sports event, Social Secretary has asked about it but not received a reply so it might get added to the termcard at some point

General Committee

Leah T. M. brings up sustainability for SDs – reusable cups, recycling? Jamie S. says we could look into the Geography Soc system of reusable cups by taking a bod card as a deposit, Ben H to look into this

Other Business

  1. Quickly run through weekly email to confirm all information


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