Michaelmas Term Week 1 Committee Meeting

Minutes of the committee meeting on Monday 1st Week, Michaelmas Term 2018.

OULD Committee Meeting Minutes

Michaelmas Term, 2018 1st Week

8th October, 2018

Present: Finn Conway (President), Adam Higgins (ex-President), Damayanti Chatterjee (President-elect), Jake Olenick (Treasurer), Edd Peckston (Secretary), Olly Besley (Spirits), George Wright (Returning Officer), Patrick Chapman (Campaigns), Shreyus Ganesh (Comms),  Abbie McGchee (General Committee), Lauren Evans (General Committee), Ben Harris (General Committee) (arrived late with apologies), Megan Ward (Women’s Officer)

Apologies: Hayden Searle (Social Sec), Zahra Farzanekhoo (General Committee)


Action points to take forward:

  • Finn to look into Buttery and Price Options
  • Olly to scout alcohol at Tesco’s, Olly to contact Corpus and KA
  • Finn to look into Buttery and Price Options
  • Megan to ask Magdalen as an emergency for SDs?

Meeting starts at 8:09pm

FC: Sorry I’m late, just been at a meeting. There might be a Holywell by-election – he’s back! As far as the agenda goes, there’s lots of overlap.

Alumni dinner will be on the 24th November. We’ve sent out emails and had some interest. We’ve got Sir Graham Watson as Speaker. It will St Hilda’s, we’ll need to set up an event. As far as ticket prices go, we’ll heavily subsidise committee tickets and make alumni pay more. We need to schmooze old people to give us money. We’ll work it out closer to the time.

I’ll delay SD stuff down to Jake, it’s your remit

On-campus campaigns: this means Campaigns more on-campus. It manifested from fresher’s fair. We’ll want to do stuff for a People’s Vote, Mental health (which will be with Norman Lamb!), work with OYD and Joe Inwood, and we’ll go to the Brexit march. An SU motion will be held Exeter on Wednesday which allow Joe Inwood to be paid to campaign for People’s Vote!. Become SU rep if you can! I will try and do so – George come if you can! That wraps it up!

Committee times: I’ll try and spice it up to make it more convenient. I will DoodlePoll in a more timely manner this week.

So the Mailing list and email list – we are migrating to Nation Builder. We have some weaknesses in our data. Lots don’t go to Uni anymore. We might want to change how we do membership – maybe not for life? I may bring this up at the TGM.

Appointed Officers - There are two present currently here. They’re not elected, but they’re still on committee Should I add them to the FB group as it’s useful for their roles?

GW: I’m might come to meetings

FC: I’m not hearing any opposition so l will add them.

DC: No business

JO: Accounts are ok. I could terrify you all, but we currently have £143.40 in money box and our bank account’s alright – we have £2011 in the account. We have two payments outstanding: one to Harry, one to Hilda’s.

Ben Harris enters

BH: Sorry I’m a bit late

JO: We have to pay £189 to Hilda’s for the deposit. Also we never did charity donation in HT18. I was when I was pretending to be Finn. Didn’t know how to donate then, but I will do it now.

There’s also the issue of funding for Holywell and Carfax

FC: We owe the party money

JO: We pledged £400 for that, because Finn was running

FC: We did it because they hate young people and wouldn’t give us money and we nearly won

JO: James Bliss also gave us £100 accidentally when was drunk

AH: Why?

JO: Crewdates. So our net money is approx. £1000 – which is quite low. So other things to do: I asked Finn to bring his chequebook?

FC: Forgot, but we can sort later

JO: We also have some unexplained cheques, but it’s not big deal

EP: That might be me – I got paid back for water last term

JO: Our biggest out and in of money is SDs – alumni dinner should help, as we’ll charge enough plus donations. I’ve been talking with Finn – we currently have a tendency to think in terms of people turning up – I think we should aim for £3 a head spending as entry is £4. That’s my feeling I’m flexible, but I think it’s best thing to do

FC: Some foresight is required in estimating how many will turn up – we can send people to get more alcohol.

JO: We can overspend in first week

AH: We can do what we normally do in first week – hold back a bit

FC: Agree – very difficult to predict what happens in

SG: Start of term P&P more popular at start – we’ll steal the people later

FC: I was pleased by the bad turn-out at their freshers’ drinks

BH: How did we choose the price originally?

FC: It was originally £3, then we raised it, but I don’t want to raise it any more

SG: [Agrees]

JO: Other avenues for saving – cheap cider? No. But there are not many other avenues. Cut back on snacks?

OB: Snacks cost basically nothing. Running out of alcohol a problem

SG: Should we switch focus to different drinks?

FC: We’ll keep same for first week

AH: Alcohol stock in Tesco’s has changed – it might be drastically different

Olly to scout for alcohol

AH: Don’t get rid of snacks

FC: We won’t

JO: A potential austerity measure: so we currently give everything at charity SDs to charity. It’s controversial, but we could give our profits to charity. The overall message is to spend a bit less

FC: We need to live within means

AH: What’s the average intake from SDs? To what degree do we lose money?

PC: We should be prepared squeeze it

JO: £300 net gain last term, Hilary was not net gain as we didn’t include Charity SDs

AH: Historically – ok if it loses a bit of money – get people involved

FC: We are the point where we can use SDs to make money – fund campaigns. Good if we can raise

AH: Agreed

BH: Can we buy wholesale?

AH: It doesn’t work – we can’t get what we want

DC: What’s our profit margin now?

JO: For last year, when it was £3 - £73, excluding charity SDs, when it was £4 – we made over £618, including charity SDs.

FC: Our biggest attendance was after the price rise

PC: It was what allowed us to make profit in Hilary

OB: We should postpone until we know further details

JO: One more thing – it’s not as urgent, I thought that at the beginning of each term we have a bank accounts with a 30-day or 90-day withdrawal warning, see if we need to spend money – an idea, not for now

AH: 90 day’s is too long – general election notice. 30 is also too long

JO: At most we’d put aside £500 – we could do 3 weeks, not sure how much a GE would cost.

FC: Profits so small because of the interest. We wouldn’t be spending much money in a GE – we’re limited to £50 per constituency without going on the party’s accounts. We did this in OxWab last time. We wouldn’t need to rely on savings – the party has money

AH: We would be wanting to spend money in period

FC: There’s a tiny window at the start, we could prepare in hindsight

SG: What’s wrong with going on their accounts?

FC: Would have to go on OxWab Accounts – takes money away from party

JO: Finn pointed out – 0.5%-0.1% in interest

AH: Not worth risk

Jake Olenick minutes while EP goes through his business

EP: One thing what I suggest we do to make minutes open. We should post everything on the committee group and do a virtual hub summary because no one wants all that much on the hub. Is everyone okay with that?

FC: Yeah I made a page for that, cause I ran on a pledge for that. Just a case of them being there so people read if they want. Minutes available if you email but, some people do but yeah.

EP: Just want people to know the decision making of committee. For in camera stuff, it wouldn’t be minuted.

AH: On that note we don’t actually post, outside the chat, when meetings are. If we’re opening meetings we should let people know when meetings are.

FC: How would we let people know in advance

AH: I just mean after the fact

EP: I could put that on the summary when I post it.

PC: What about things that aren’t in camera, but might be a little confidential

EP: Well they are in the minutes so members are entitled

SG: You could just post both

EP: Sure

Edd Peckston re-commences minuting

OB: So there’s chaos at Corpus, we needed a sponsor and the Domestic Bursar said ok, but Libby Cherry has been told by the Assistant Dean that SD is banned. I can beg the Dean. Other course of action is the KA, I don’t want to do it, it’s depressing. Most colleges have rejected us. Proposal: Steve Goddard has contacts, but was rejected last term by Christ Church

AH: Try Catz and Wadham

FC: I’ll contact Steve

OB: I’ll draft email – we have members in other colleges

AH: Oscar Wilde Room?

MW: It’s a small room – but possible – I’ll see what I can do

EP: LRXI is out of action, but I can book LRVII for next week

JO: I’m being careful with Exeter, some people there don’t like us, so I’ll see if they’re still there. We are still not allowed to host alcoholic events in College

SG: What about if I got in touch with Mark Cohen? We can see if they’d allow us there

JO: New Junior Dean at Cohen Quad and it has a big capacity

FC: Try and do that

PC: We should appeal for quiet after SD more strongly

FC: Try Oscar Wilde – how long does Exeter need for notice?

JO: 2 weeks

LE: Pembroke?

AH: Issues with alcohol, plus we a certain ratio of Pembroke students there

FC: Recruit Pembroke students!

FC: Balliol’s Pilch Theatre?

GW: We need Balliol’s alcohol

FC: Jesus is a no – John’s?

OB: In touch with Joe – it might be a struggle

AH: We’re not banned from Corpus, just the MBI

OB: Domestic Bursar has to have the dean’s approval

FC: How did Libby hear?

OB: I’m assuming email – We have everything sorted

Megan to ask Magdalen as an emergency

FC: We have more leeway with students actually at the college

DC: It would be helpful if we start from scratch on SD rooms spreadsheet. It seemed to work more when done with alumni dinner

OB: I have the binned ones on currently

JO: Most columns are ad hoc, the last one lists rooms. I’m ot sure we would find new rooms

SG: What about Teddy Hall and Trinity?

OB: Binned

EP: Private venues?

FC: Not viable

OB: We need to consider this as an option

Olly to contact Corpus and KA,

PC: No business

SG: No business

FC: Venues for Lib Dem Pint – problems, Mitre available for £75, we’d need to charge on the door - £5 on the door? There’d be maybe 25 in attendance

EP: KA? College Bars?

FC: Could anyone try and book College Bars easily?

[all shake heads]

FC: We’ll go with the Mitre - £3 on the door

JO- How much of a dive can the bar be?

FC: No. Hayden has reserved the Mitre

DC: Can we have some leeway?

FC: No, we can’t

BH – Won’t it put off freshers if there is a cost on the door?

FC: We need a room – Layla is giving a speech

BH: Free for freshers?

AH: £2 for freshers?

SG: Membership included?

FC: Bit of a nightmare, but possible

GW: The Balliol buttery is open

Finn to look into Buttery and Price Options


No other business

Concludes at 9.09pm

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