Hilary Term Week 1 Committee Meeting

Minutes of the committee meeting on Monday 1st Week, Hilary Term 2019.

OULD Committee Meeting Minutes HT 2019 Week 1

Action points are in bold.

Meeting opened at 5.04pm and finished at 5.48pm.


Apologies: General Committee (Beth Chamberlain, Hannah Kidner, Omasan Harriman, Oliver Tushingham).


President (Damayanti Chatterjee)

Announced a delay on releasing a disciplinary committee report from the previous term. Given reason was to provide time decide the best arrangements to protect the welfare of individuals involved.

President to decide upon disciplinary committee report and welfare arrangements at future date.


President-elect (Edd Peckston)

Alumni Relations

Venue for Alumni Drinks venue was confirmed. Price will be £5 per head and plans to source wine.

President-elect will send out the invite for Alumni Drinks imminently.

Venue for Alumni Dinner was nearly confirmed (at Sommerville).

President-elect will be able to confirm venue for Alumni Dinner at future date.

President mentioned discussion about launching formal Alumni Club. Possibility of ‘Ashdown Club’ given his service to the society. Permission would need to be provided at appropriate and sensitive time. Unlikely to be in time for Alumni Drinks at present.

Ongoing: Timing of launch and name of Alumni Club.


Treasurer (Shreyus Ganesh)

Treasurer to gain access of OULD Bank Account imminently.


Secretary (Olly Besley)

No formal business.

Spirits Officer (Zahra Farzanekhoo)

No formal business.


Campaigns Officer (Ben Harris)

  1. Policy Campaigning

Campaigning in past was to energise Liberal base however this needs expanding to improve electorally.

Priorities are the EU and mental health and will try to involve speakers on these topics. Also focus on some Oxford specific areas such as homelessness.

President noted suggestion of Layla Moran MP on focussing on Northern Ireland border and access issue in Oxford.

General discussion of whether to integrate G and D’s socials into a policy discussion.

President noteed the importance of expanding beyond ‘usual clique’ for this.

Ongoing: Implementation of policy campaigning into socials.

Secretary mentioned European Movement Oxford Branch contact and possibility of collaboration as chaired by Lib Dem councillor. Would aim to be a cross-party initiative.

General discussion emphasising importance of OULD autonomy in this.

Secretary to give further details and possibilities after meeting with chair of Oxford European Movement.


  1. Overview of upcoming elections

Campaigns officers provides PowerPoint presentation on areas of focus around Oxford.

Social Secretary asked about progress on introduction to campaigning; Campaigns Officer waiting on local party to confirm.

Campaigns Officer to provide details on introductory sessions to campaigning at future date.


Communications Officer (Lauren Evans)

No formal business.


Social Secretary (Abbie McGhee)

Termly Dinner

Possibilities for 8th week termly dinner include Sommerville, St Hugh’s, Malmaison, Pierre Victoire, Quad.

Social Secretary to confirm termly dinner at future date.


General Committee

No formal business.


Other Business

European Movement (Secretary)

Covered during Campaign’s Officer discussion on ‘Policy Campaigning’.

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