Trinity Term Week -3 Committee Meeting

Minutes of the committee meeting on Friday -3rd Week, Trinity Term 2019.

Minutes of the video chat committee meeting -3 Week, Easter Vac

Meeting opened at 2:03pm and closed 2:38pm

Apologies: President-elect (Olly Besley), Campaigns Officer (Ben Phillips), Social Secretary (Joseph Hayat), General Committee (Rohan Kaya, Jamie Scragg)

Present: President (Edd Peckston), Secretary (Lauren Evans), Spirits Officer (Ben Harris), Communications Officer (Hannah Kidner), General Committee (Omasan Harriman, LeahTillmann-Morris), Ex-President (Finn Conway)

The Treasuer (Shreyus Ganesh) joined 2:22

President (Edd Peckston)

  1. Termcard report
    The termcard is going well, EP has met with JH and BH and the termcard is almost full pending Jo Swinson’s secretary getting back to EP Current plan is to go to Parliament on May 28, Paul Tyler will be hosting us, we will see some debates and hopefully meet Layla
  2. Alumni report
    EP and others visited the National Liberal Club and determined that we will probably have a free space to use in London, they are very keen on getting us involved, we will probably have an alumni event there in the summer
  3. Letter to VC about Sultan of Brunei
    EP wants to write an open letter to the VC regarding the Sultan’s honorary degree not being revoked by the Vice Chancellor
    Everyone present is in favour
    OH suggests that we try reaching out to OULC to do a joint letter
    EP: We also have a press release to give to Cherwell
    FC suggests that Ed make contact with editors of Cherwell and OxStu so that we get reached out to for comment on a regular basis

President-elect (Olly Besley)

No formal business.

Treasurer (Shreyus Ganesh)

  1. Moving Banks
    After the NatWest mess the Treasurer has been looking into changing banks, according to MetroBank we can transfer standing orders will minimal trouble and just need confirmation in the minuets that we want to change banks
    It would be a clubs and societies account, and there are things to find out so the Treasurer plans to visit the Oxford branch in 0th week
    The main trouble with NatWest was amount of time taken for signatory handover and to get an answer regarding online banking and MetroBank often has shorted queues in their Oxford branch
    The goal would be to accomplish switching banks completely by the end of 1st week
    Notes that because signatory changing took so long Dami never became a signatory at any point in her time as President
    In terms of donations if it does turn out we need to send confirmations that won’t be disastrous because people are generally conscious of who they’re sending money to on a monthly basis

Secretary (Lauren Evans)

No formal business

Spirits Officer (Ben Harris)

  1. Rooms for SD
    BH: Brasenose have realized we are selling alcohol so have revoked our right to use their rooms week 3 onwards so we need to find alternate arrangements for the rest of term, is speaking to HK about St Catz, Oliver Tushingham about St Johns, to SG about Exeter, and to Nick Brown about Magdalen
    Notes that Magdalen and possibily others they have rules regarding rooms in exam term so that will be a problem from week 5 onwards
    FC: last year we dealt with this getting kicked out from the KA to Brasenose, suggests we try LHM
    BH will keep committee updated on the room situation
  2. Motions for SD and General Feedback
    HK states that we need to think about how we do PSPs as many new attendees find them intimidating and in jokey
    OH suggests we continue to invest in good-quality non-alcoholic drinks
    BH welcomes suggestions on how to better promote SDs
    HK has gotten feedback from new people that making it look less political would have encouraged them to come earlier, perhaps portraying it as a more purely dirnking and debating event
    BH states that is a good idea, but we can only rebrand so far, notes that cultural-themed motions work well as everyone can easily comment on them, also floats the idea of thinking of something “big” to do for 1st week SDs to attract new people in

Campaigns Officer (Ben Phillips)

  1. Reminder that district elections are on 2 May, expects full committee attendance
    EP: We have elections on Thursday of 1st week, we’ll probably be campaigning in Kidlington
  2. April 13 Slough action day
  3. Policy campaigning: creating a policy group for video creation/release this term
  4. European elections

Communications Officer (Hannah Kidner)

  1. Charity events for next term in addition to sandwich making
    EP states that HK will be the Charities Officer for next term
    HK has been in contact with soup kitchen Oxford and Turl Street Homeless Association, who would love us to get involved in charity events with them, people should notify HK on slack if if they have any charity ideas
    OH floats reaching out to the Order of Malta
    EP suggests HK contact people in the Oxford Hub

Social Secretary (Joseph Hayat)
EP notes that he and JH have been looking into the idea of a football game event for the coming term rather than cricket as we did last year which very few people showed up to
Also notes that JH has been in touch with CULA counterparts regarding out crewdate

General Committee Omasan Harriman

  1. Access to SD
    OH notes concern that changing from Brasenose to a different room may impede access
    BH and EP agree with that concern but note that even an inaccessible room, ex. at the top of a staircase, is preferable to having no room for SDs

Other Business
Regarding a point raised by LTM, EP and BH will look into the possibility of getting a weekly delivery of food and drink for SDs
EP reminds everyone that today is our changeover to Slack so everyone should check there for new notifications

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