Hilary Termly General Meeting

Minutes of the termly general meeting on Thursday 7th Week, Hilary Term 2019.

Meeting opened at 6.11pm and closed at 7.09pm.


Members Present:

Damayanti Chatterjee (President), Finn Conway (ex-President), Edd Peckston (President-elect), Oliver Besley (Secretary), Ben Harris (Campaigns Officer), Lauren Evans (Communications Officer), Ben Philips (General Committee)

Jake Olenick (ex-Treasurer) joined at 6.12pm (Constitutional Amendment 1)

Abbie McGhee (Social Secretary) joined at 6.42pm (Constitutional Amendment 5)


Edd Peckston proposes a motion to do business and reports after the motions.

Passes, 6 in favour, 1 abstention.


Constitutional Amendment 1 – Damayanti Chatterjee (President)

Damayanti Chatterjee explains amendment. The main goal was to clean up constitution and make it accessible. Committee roles are now in two sections, the linguistic flourishing and Latin has been removed, the contradictions have been removed, the Committee vote for appointed officers has been clarified, disciplinary dommittees can be more easily reported to university, disciplinary committees and electoral tribunals have been merged. The Constitution is now more functional and shorter.

Ben Philips points out there is still some Latin.
Damayanti responds that she can tolerate this.

Jake Olenick suggest that of co-option or by-elections for Committee is quite a substantial change.
Damayanti points out the current situation is actually contradictory, so this is just clears this up.

Passes, 7 in favour.


Constitutional Amendment 2 – Jake Olenick

Ban Slates

Jake Olenick points out this is similar to his previous motions.

Edd Peckston suggests it would affect Treasurers or President-elect

Edd say he wouldn’t have a full committee if this had been in the place and its illiberal and not needed.

Finn Conway makes a friendly amendment to sort numbering which is accepted.

Jake suggests this might enhance liberal autonomy something. Suggests this wouldn’t pose a problem to filling Committee.

Olly Besley lists problems of enforcing clauses and suggests amendment would cause toxic situation.

Ben Philips suggest amendment to remove first clause which is accepted as friendly.

Fails, 2 in favour, 5 against, 1 abstention.


Constitutional Amendment 3 – Jake Olenick – Withdrawn

Constitutional Amendment 4 – Jake Olenick

Formalize the Policy Book

Edd Peckston says current policy book contains banned individuals and other assortment of information.

Olly Besley points out that exact purpose of policy book needs to be delineated.

Friendly amendment accepted for numbering.

Finn Conway suggests an amendment for renaming to ‘standing orders’ and Jake takes this as friendly.

The motion is amended to:

(i) Maintain a document of standing orders and regulations which records relevant items of precedent, for the purpose of institutional memory, with the express recognition that such a policy book is not in itself enforceable.

Passes, 7 in favour.


Constitutional Amendment 5 – Finn Conway

Role of the Communications Officer

Finn Conway friendly amendments himself to ensuring numbering.

Finn states that the Labour Club often do this and we should use this to promote the society and that it empowers the Communications Officer to do this.

Olly Besley suggests this be done by standing order rather than Constitutions.

Edd agrees but expresses concerns about extra work for the Communications Officer.
Finn says Constitution already outlines roles so this is wouldn’t break precedent.

Passes, 4 in favour, 1 against, 3 abstentions.


Constitutional Amendment 6 – Finn Conway

Role of the President-Elect

Finn Conway points about both local parties have availability for student rep. Finn points out that since he’s no longer involved, someone else should be taking on this role.

Damayanti  Chatterjee asks if the local parties would be happy if this was changed every 8 weeks.

Finn says this is the best way to do it for us.

Edd asks about process.

Finn Conway explains that President-elect will see new agendas via email. In theory, they can send apologies to every meeting.

Passes, 8 in favour.


Political Motion – Finn Conway

Motion to Support the Oxford Musicians’ Minimum Wage Campaign

Finn Conway thought he’d set a new precedent and try and pass this for a student press release. Points out this is a good cause and many societies have already signed up for this.

Ben Philips asks what the minimum wage.
Finn points out this is below living wage of students across country.

Damayanti Chatterjee asks whether this is going in policy book.
Edd Peckston suggests this could be published in a list of policies agreed at TGM

Passes, 8 in favour, 1 abstention.


President’s Report

We are compliant with Section 2, Spirited Discussions has made good and regular profit, sadly one week that slightly lapsed was charity week. The event has got a lot friendlier, particularly good without OUCA members present., more woman speakers.

5th week SD a calamity but issues were fixed. A few ongoing issues with discipline and mental health but we hope this has been improved by having a policy and disciplinary process that is now much simpler and allows humane treatment.

Alumni relations has been mixed bag. We’ve set up Ashdown club and we’ve got in touch with alumni. Both the President and President-elect have been quite busy the inaugural event on Saturday is looking quite good now. State of mailing list does remain poor though. Alumni profit turning is achievable.

Finances are pretty good. Damayanti says speaker events have been a pretty decent divide between speakers and normal events.


Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer report, smooth term, regular profit at Spirtied Discussions, alcohol spending dropped to around £200ish. We’ve made roughly £30 or £40 per week in profit. Currently holding £2,500 in bank account with nothing owed to Commitees. Charity obligations of around £500. £150 in money box, 2,000 debt free in cash. We’re stilled owed deposit from Somerville which is around £300.

Conversation to be had for charity Spirited Discussions, as not high enough. Online banking achieved today!

Olly Besley asks about setting up hardship fund given finance – maybe upwards of £15 ticket events.

Damayanti Chatterjee point out conference fund very vulnerable abuse and will pass any notes to Edd.


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