Spirited Discussions is our flagship weekly event, drawing around eighty people each time and presided over by our Spirits Officer.

The format is simple: two motions with a break in the middle featuring three mini-debates in a session called 'Pint-Sized Policy'. It's great fun, and there's space to make serious and ridiculous points, particularly as the night draws on!

Admission is only £4 and you get unlimited drinks and food while there!


The Motions

The Spirits Officer will select two motions each week, often based around philosophical, political, or recent newsworthy topics. In the past we've had such motions as 'We would move to capital away from London', 'We would legalise all drugs', and, in the final week of every term, 'We would abolish the monarchy'.

The debate lasts around 40 or 45 minutes each, with the Spirits Officer chairing. Our Communications Officer live-tweets the whole thing.


Pint-Sized Policy

Pint-Sized Policy is a quick-fire policy debate, often around less serious topics. There are two speeches for and two speeches against, and each speech is capped to one minute with no Points Of Information. Motions are submitted throughout the evening by attendees and often riff on a recurring joke from the debate that night. In the past we've had such motions as 'We believe ancient Rome is as relevant as Cornwall' and 'We believe [The Spirits Officer]'s shorts are pink'.

Typically the President-elect chairs the session, and once again the Communications Officer live-tweets the whole thing.


Spirited Discussions is a fantastic way to get involved in the society and meet other like-minded (or even un-like-minded!) politicos at Oxford. Feel free to drop the Spirits Officer an email here if you have any further questions.

We also have a feedback form on our website for if you have any suggestions or concerns about how we run the event. All feedback is anonymised when it is fed back to to the Committee.