OULD is fundamentally a political society, which means that sometimes we put down our drinks and go out and get Liberal Democrats elected.

We have a strong tradition of not only campaigning for local candidates, but even becoming local candidates ourselves.

Campaigning is overseen by the Campaigns Officer, and takes place on Saturdays at 11am during term time, though there will be extra events on top of that!


Parliamentary Elections

In the 2017 Snap Election, we at OULD threw ourselves headfirst into campaigning not only for Layla Moran in Oxford West and Abingdon, but also for our alumnus and former MP Martin Horwood. Layla was elected with a 9.1% swing and overturning a Conservative majority of 9,582. Martin closed the gap in Cheltenham from 6,516 to 2,569, and we're very eager to see a Lib Dem MP returned in Cheltenham at the next General Election.


Local Elections

During the 2018 Local Elections, we stood our ex-social secretary, Conor McKenzie, and then president-elect, Finn Conway, in Oxford's two student wards: Carfax and Holywell respectively. Conor saw a vote share increase of 15%, coming within 83 votes of winning, and Finn saw a 12.1% increase coming devastatingly close with just 7 votes in it. We look forward to round 2 in 2020.



OULD will be campaigning in several by-elections coming up in the Oxfordshire area, notably Wantage & Grove (Vale of White Horse District Council), Wolvercote (Oxford City Council), and Wheatley (Oxfordshire County Council). We will also be assisting the Greens in their efforts in the Iffley Fields & St Mary's by-election (Oxford City Council).

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