OULD is fundamentally a political society, which means that sometimes we put down our drinks and go out and get Liberal Democrats elected.

We have a strong tradition of campaigning for local candidates and even becoming local candidates ourselves.

Campaigning is a core part of the society and an integral part of what we do. All campaigning activities are overseen by the Campaigns Officer. We will be running a range of events in Hilary 2022 and would love for you to get involved. Our campaign activities vary from delivering leaflets to knocking on door and calling up voters. We will be posting more information about our plans for next term soon. If you're interested, please email the Campaigns officer here.

Local Elections 2022

Elections are going ahead in Oxford in May 2022. If you want to help us elect more Lib Dems, please sign up to volunteer here:

Help us win

Parliamentary Elections

OULD has a long history of helping out in parliamentary elections in Oxford, particularly in the Liberal Democrat held seat Oxford West & Abingdon. Indeed, OULD were even heavily involved in Layla Moran's initial selection campaign in 2012, a close link we maintain to this day.

In the 2017 Snap Election, we threw ourselves headfirst into campaigning not only for Layla in Oxford West & Abingdon, but also for our alumnus and former MP Martin Horwood. Layla was elected with a 9.1% swing and overturning a Conservative majority of 9,582. Martin closed the gap in Cheltenham from 6,516 to 2,569 and this was reduced to just 981 two years later. We are very eager to see a Lib Dem MP returned in Cheltenham at the next election!

The 2019 General Election gave us yet another chance to ramp up our campaigning activities. We helped Layla become re-elected with a lead of 8,943 votes over the Conservatives, winning an outright majority of the votes.

Local Elections

OULD has traditionally helped out a great deal in local elections all around Oxfordshire, particularly in Oxford city, Abingdon and Kidlington. We've even stood members of the society in these elections, with some coming within a hair's breadth of winning!

In the city we fight against a Labour-dominated council, whose controversial measures on homelessness and housing we've been challenging for years. We have a strong group on the council already, but are hoping to build on it in future - please get in touch with the Campaigns Officer if you're interested in standing as a candidate yourself!

In 2019 we also took control of the Vale of White Horse District Council, going from 9 to 31 seats overnight and kicking out a grossly incompetent Conservative administration. We look forward to seeing what our councillors do with the district over the coming years!

At the same time we made gains in Kidlington in a progressive alliance with the Greens against the Conservatives, hoping to challenge their strong hold on Cherwell District Council to the north. In a similar alliance we also took South Oxfordshire District Council from the Conservatives and are now in joint control with the Green party.

European Elections

OULD were instrumental in securing victory in Oxford city during the European elections, where we achieved 40.3% of the vote across the district, beating Labour, who have a supermajority on the City Council, down into third (and nearly fourth!) place. As a result, three Liberal Democrat MEPs were elected in the Southeast, and one of our ex-presidents, Martin Horwood, was elected in the Southwest!

There's always plenty to get involved with when it comes to campaigning, whether it's on local political issues or even issues within the University itself. If you want to make a difference in the world with like-minded liberals, then OULD is the best channel to do it through at Oxford.