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Libertas is the OULD blog. Launched in Michaelmas term 2017 by Sam Cole (President TT18), we publish short articles and opinion pieces on aspects of liberalism and liberal policy for members of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats (OULD) and liberals in the University of Oxford more generally. We aim to publish roughly fortnightly. The Editor for Hilary term 2019 is Thomas Laver. All enquiries related to Libertas, including those related to submissions, should be directed to them at

Our editorial policy is to provide the broadest platform for political discourse within Oxford’s political community and beyond, with a particular focus on enabling and encouraging discussion of topics of most interest to liberals. To that end, the Editor welcomes all submissions, including those that may be controversial or unorthodox, as long as they (i) do not incite or cause harm, (ii) meet our expectations of quality, and (iii) are relevant to liberalism or liberal policy.

The views expressed by contributors in their articles for Libertas are their personal opinions, and do not represent the views of the Editor, the Oxford University Liberal Democrats, the party of the Liberal Democrats (including any wing or association of it), or the University of Oxford.

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